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3C Bromo-Dragonfly A Dangerous Psychedelic Drug

Designer drugs are very popular right now in the drug world. Designer drugs are those drugs that are created in home laboratories made by street chemists. Because these drugs are made in make-shift labs, they are very dangers. There impurities and toxicities are ever changing and there are new versions of the latest drugs out at staggering numbers. For this reason it is very difficult to track the use of these drugs and to actually form laws making the manufacturing, selling, and use of these drugs illegal. 3C Bromo-Dragonfly, is one of these drugs, it is a more potent form of 2C E and is linked to a number of deaths of young people throughout the world. Young adults are at risk when it comes to designer drugs. This is why it’s so important that any young adult with a substance abuse problem seek help at a young adult drug treatment. It could save their life.

3C Bromo-Dragonfly

3C Bromo-Dragonfly is a designer drug that has similar properties to 2 C E, although similar, if confused it could be deadly. This is because 3C Bromo-Dragonfly is way more potent than 2C E. It is responsible for the deaths and serious injuries for teens across the world. Due to mislabelling and ignorance the dosage is being miscalculated and leading to fatalities.


There are multiple dangers that go along with consumption of a designer narcotic. Since they are generally homemade their properties are rarely managed properly. Another danger is when people show up at hospitals as a result of a designer drug overdose, doctors often do not know what methods to employ to help counter the mystery drug. These designer drugs are easily purchased online or on the streets. Due to the lack of public knowledge up to this point it is very difficult for authorities to do anything to curb this trend.


3C Bromo-Dragonfly is a psychedelic hallucinogenic drug. It is part of the phenethylamine family and is considered an extremely potent hallucinogen. It is slightly less potent than LSD if taken in a normal dosage. The reason this drug is so dangerous, though, is because unlike LSD and “shrooms” it affects the heart and blood vessels. This is why if taken improperly it can lead to extreme injuries or violent death.


3C Bromo-Dragonfly is capable of producing a high that is extremely visual and that lasts for hours on end. Depending on the quality of the drug taken, this high can be very pleasant or, conversely, a nightmare. Some users have experienced twitching, hallucinations, vomiting and even seizures after consumption. Even people who survive an overdose of this designer drug could experience long-term ramifications. If you’re addicted, seek drug abuse counseling.

Free download: Grunge Concrete Textures

Today we have some an awesome set of Grunge Concrete Textures from Vandelay Premier where you can get awesome resources for designers for a very low cost.

This texture set is normally for sale only, but you can download it today absolutely free!

These textures were designed by Caleb Kimbrough and can be used for both personal and commercial projects, including theme and template designs…

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How the Hospitality Industry Can Use Pinterest

href=""> class="alignright size-medium wp-image-6287" src="" alt="" width="300" height="300" /> href="" target="_blank">Pinterest has emerged as a social platform to watch as more businesses jump on board (no pun intended). It lets users organize things they find on the web by creating pinboards then “pinning” items onto boards of each corresponding category.

My first thought upon learning about businesses trying Pinterest was that it’s a perfect platform for title="The Time is NOW for Social Media in the Hospitality Industry" href="" target="_blank">travel marketing since there are so many (independent and collaborative) components people consider when planning a vacation.

Plus, so much of leisure vacationing is taking in scenery, so there is already a very visual association with travel planning.

Here are a few ways the hospitality industry can utilize Pinterest –

Pinterest for Destinations

Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) can easily put Pinterest to good use! The intent of DMOs is to relay the various aspects of the city they represent, to entice visitors to come stay.

Destinations can uniquely convey their stories by sharing pinboards for numerous components of their cities: Hotels. Dining. Shopping. Attractions.

One brand that already has a solid Pinterest presence is  href="">Visit Savannah, responsible for marketing the Savannah area for leisure tourism, meetings and conventions. They began using Pinterest in November as an experiment, and, in just three months, have attracted nearly 12,000 followers.

The DMO has a variety of boards, including staples like hotels, dining, beautiful architecture and shopping, along with other themes like “haunted Savannah,” “let your hair down” (featuring  nightlife spots and libations), “Southernisms” plus one dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day, a major happening that includes an annual parade and various other major local festivities.

By including an array of visual content, Visit Savannah is allowing people to literally visualize various elements of the city and what may be of their vacation.

Pinterest for Hotels

Like destinations, hotels and resorts can also showcase their various offerings through Pinterest, via creating boards for topics like in-house dining options, amenities, spa services, meeting space and weddings.

href="">Four Seasons hotel in Austin has created boards for the city itself, weddings, adventures, day trips, travel tips and tools and more, allowing their potential visitors to evaluate what features they’d want to include in an upcoming vacation. A traveler could even theoretically plan their entire trip with this page as the starting point, since so much information is available in one place.

Another angle hotels could utilize is targeting a specific niche. href="">The Ritz-Carlton Chicago made a Pinterest page specifically geared toward the wedding market. Their boards include ones displaying the hotel’s ambiance, food and drink options, wedding accessories and honeymoon suites, plus linens, flowers and cakes.

While the audience has been broadening, Pinterest began with a strong female following, with ladies still being extremely active. Many women, single and married alike, have boards themselves dedicated to rather visually stunning and creative topics such as weddings. With that in mind, it’s extremely wise for venues to position themselves as a wedding hub as women will probably be drawn and prone to sharing the images.

Pinterest for Restaurants

Restaurants can create pinboards of various pertinent categories (food, events, cocktails, meeting rooms, etc.), similar to the way they might with Facebook albums.

While href="">Whole Foods may be a grocery store, they’re setting solid example for many brands, especially restaurants. They’ve created boards for different genres of food, kitchens, food art, gardens, recipes, food for certain holidays, etc. Food photography seems to have become an ever-popular trend and people in the social space love sharing romanticized photos of the food they enjoy.

Whole Foods also does a great job of thinking outside the box. Beginning another social platform can feel intimidating and overwhelming, and it may seem that you don’t have “enough” to share on Pinterest. But, there are really tons of ways to broaden the scope of what would be suitable topics for you to share.

What other brands have you spotted on Pinterest?

id="author-bio-box"> alt='' src='' class='avatar avatar-80 photo' height='80' width='80' /> class="author-name"> Debbie Miller  ( href="">2 Posts)

This monthly Social Media and the Hospitality Industry post is contributed by Debbie Miller. Debbie is the Founder of Social Hospitality, a blog which outlines the ways businesses in the hospitality industry are using social media. She works for HyperDisk Marketing managing social media accounts, writing website copy and executing SEO strategies for clients. Prior, she was with a destination marketing organization where she maintained the website along with launching and managing their social media presence. She is very active in the social networking community in southern California, has enjoyed watching social media emerge over the past several years and is fascinated by its continuing evolution.

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Sh*t Ecommerce Consultants Say [Video]

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Simple WordPress Contact Form 7 Phone Validation

I looked around for a simple Contact Form 7 phone validation however all the solutions I found relied on hacking the Contact Form 7 code. By looking through the CF7 code I found a way to attach a simple function to the validation to allow custom validation of any input type you like

To plug into the COontact Form 7 validation there are some filters you can attach to. The built in validation functions do this so we’re copying the standard CF7 way of validation.

All of the code given here can be put into the functions.php file in your wordpress theme.

add_filter( 'wpcf7_validate_text', 'drc_wpcf7_validate_text' , 10, 2 );
add_filter( 'wpcf7_validate_text*', 'drc_wpcf7_validate_text' , 10, 2 );

This code attaches to two filter calls – one for a text field (wpcf7_validate_text) and one for a required text field (wpcf7_validate_text* – note the asterisk at the end).

function drc_wpcf7_validate_text( $result, $tag ) {
$type = $tag['type'];
$name = $tag['name'];
$value = $_POST[$name] ;

if ( strpos( $name , 'phone' ) !== false ){
$regex = '/^(?:1(?:[. -])?)?(?:\((?=\d{3}\)))?([2-9]\d{2})(?:(?<=\(\d{3})\))? ?(?:(?<=\d{3})[.-])?([2-9]\d{2})[. -]?(\d{4})(?: (?i:ext)\.? ?(\d{1,5}))?$/';
$Valid = preg_match($regex,  $value, $matches );
if ( $Valid > 0 ) {
$formatted = "($matches[1]) $matches[2]-$matches[3]";
if ($matches[4]) $formatted .= " x$matches[4]";
// Replace the value passed in with the cleaned up version.
$_POST[$name] = $formatted ;
else {
$result['valid'] = false;
$result['reason'][$name] = 'Phone field invalid';

return $result;

This simple routine gets called to validate all text fields in your form. The strpos looks for a field name containing ‘phone’ i.e. ‘your-phonenumber’ and will validate that. This is very simple to extend to Zip codes or any other text field you would like validated. By setting $result['valid'] to false we tell Contact Form 7 that the validation failed, the value you set for $result['reason'][$name] is the message that is displayed to the user of the site.

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Simple WordPress Contact Form 7 Phone Validation

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How Google Might Filter Blog Posts from Google Blog Search

Google was granted a patent today on Blog Search, and how the search engine might filter blog posts out of blog search based upon a number of factors. The patent was originally filed in 2006, and it’s the first patent filing I’ve seen from Google that uses the term “splog.” The screenshot from the [...]…

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Creating a custom WordPress theme options page

Whether you’re developing WordPress themes for yourself, for a client, or to sell commercially, having the ability to customize aspects of your theme via the WordPress control panel makes your theme infinitely flexible and many times more versatile and appealing.

By giving backend users access to options that otherwise would involve delving into the php template files to change layout, logo image, colors, and any number of other options…

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Sophisticated Motorized Wood Louver System

Louvers have been used as an adjustable window covering for many centuries. The look is a very clean and functional design. When opened, motorized wood louvers allow high light penetration, illuminating your home or office with the sunlight. Motorized wood louvers are a great solution to providing protection from the sun in any home or commercial residence.


In order to control the amount of light that is beaming through your windows you must adjust the louvers from all the way open for maximum light, to complete coverage with them being fully shut. No matter your window sizes or where in your space they are, wooden louvers give these spaces a classic looking and functional feel. Also, regardless of the style of your space, wood louvers offer a simple, tasteful look that anyone can appreciate by transforming a once ordinary window space into an elegant accent to your home or office.

Energy Efficient

With everyone trying to mitigate the cost of their energy consumption, we all know how vital it is to get the most out of your money in terms of spending it on monthly utility bills. Typically, single-home families can expect 45-65% of their monthly energy bill to be comprised of air-conditioning costs. When you factor that number with the fact that windows account for 11-24% of air-conditioning costs, it becomes clear that an alternative to normal blinds can be incredibly beneficial to both the look and energy efficiency of your home or office. Once installed, it will quickly become apparent to new owners, through their reduced monthly expenditures on energy costs, that these louvers offer an incomparable solution for windows.

Motorized Convenience

These louvers have been designed with motorized controls in order to insure the ease of use for its owners. Motorized louvers are the perfect window accessory that will compliment your home or office while also providing an incredibly functional service. If you are looking for a way to protect your space from the damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun, while also protecting you from expanding energy costs, look no further than these user-friendly, quickly installable louvers.


The motors that are installed in these louvers are very quiet and require very low voltage. Using your remote or keypad, it becomes very easy to manipulate the position of your louvers and set them to remain open or shut depending on your specific needs. The shutters themselves can be set open individually, or if you so choose, they can be set in collective groups to provide partial coverage to a space. With the ease of pushing a button on a remote, you can control your louvers to offer a variety of different coverage for your home or office.

Sleek Venetian Styling

Designed to complement any window size, louver are the perfect way to easily and efficiently regulate sunlight into your home or office space. They are beautiful, upscale window shutters with a modern flair. With an elegant louver profile, these fit to any draperies, curtains, or blinds you may have and are an excellent choice for the buyer who wants it all.

Google Testing Plus Integration with Places via Authorship

Since Google announced in July that there would be Google Plus business pages there have been speculation that Google would integrate Plus and Places. We saw some early Plus Plus Places (a mouthful..) integration in November  but now Google appears to be testing P+P (or is it ++P) integration using the rel=author tag as the glue between the two.

Over the weekend I found these author images in blended Places search results for lawyers in DUI Lawyers Phoenix and Criminal Defense lawyer Orlando…

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Essential Link Building Tips Every Professional Needs To Keep In …

Link Building Build IT Track being built for creative commons world… Essential Link Building Tips Every Professional Needs To Keep In Mind…
link building tips – Google Blog Search

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