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Interview with Kristina Halvorson

Content strategy has increasingly become a part of the web design conversation and in large part due to Kristina Halvorson, who has become a noted content advocate and activist.

Kristina is the founder and president of Brain Traffic, an agency specializing in content strategy and writing for the web, author of the groundbreaking book, Content Strategy for the Web, and a frequent speaker at web design conferences worldwide…

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The Significance Of Assisted Heroin Detoxification

Heroin detox is considered one of the hardest detoxification programs to go through and involves a number of symptoms which can become life threatening. The opioid is highly addictive and has a detrimental impact on the sensitive nervous system. For effective heroin detoxification it is essential to enroll in a recovery program for the effective management of symptoms and fresh start to life.


Once accepted into a particular rehabilitation center, the user will be assisted with the intensity of a detoxification. Due to the nature of the symptoms and the period within which the effects can last, addicts are required to seek medical supervision during this time. It is reported that symptomatic behavior may last for up to a week and is characterized by withdrawal and craving for ingestion of this opioid.

Opiate Addiction

When the addict no longer has access to the opioid and has not consumed the substance, it may take up to 12 hours before symptoms appear. Purification of the system may take a week during which effects will heighten and often leads to many individuals leaving the program. Various symptoms are experienced and can increase over time which requires significant monitoring for the prevention of negative outcomes.


Symptoms increasing in intensity cause considerable discomfort to the addict and this results in a large proportion dropping out of programs for rehabilitation. When exposed to old habits and accessibility to drugs, it becomes impossible for addicts to recover on their own. Rehabilitative facilities can provide the medical attention and support needed to ensure that individuals are able to successfully detoxify.

Detoxification Process

The use of anesthetic as a medical option to alleviate pain and discomfort during detoxification has been associated with increased risk. Many individuals desire the implementation of anesthesia as a form of treatment for coping with the intense discomfort. Risks related to this method can be life threatening and requires professional assistance for effective outcomes.


A large number of addicts avoid the process of entering into an effective program as they fear the process to detoxify and purify the body of this opioid. With a variety of treatment options available, individuals are assisted through this process and provided with medical alternatives to improve the comfort for this duration. Individuals are often assisted with medication which are designed to reduce cravings and address the discomfort of withdrawal.

Chemical Dependency

Due to the nature of this drug there is an increase in chemical reactions within the brain including the release of dopamine which results in enhanced pleasurable sensations. Individuals become addicted as the body is no longer able to produce dopamine. The result is an intensified need for medical detox.

Best Ways To Reduce Fat And Construct Muscle

There are many different methods a person can use to lose weight while at the same time gain muscle mass. There are a multitude of resources available to individuals who want to become healthier by losing weight. Working out, eating right and getting the right amount of sleep are all critical. However, there are different plans available to people to help accelerate this process. Choosing one of these routines to work for you can be a difficult task. There are a many different things to consider when you are choosing a regime for your personal health goals. Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle is a simple program you can buy to help you achieve your weight loss and muscle gaining goals.

Finding The Right Balance

Attempting to lose weight while gaining muscle can be a very difficult thing for many people. The majority of people who are straining to accomplish this fail to grasp the multitude of factors that are included in losing weight while healthily gaining muscle. This forces many individuals to quit on their programs before the strike the correct balance of exercise and diet. Adhering to one of the tried and true programs of weight loss can help a person be successful in this challenging venture.

No Easy Fix

There are tons of magazines and supplements that promise to help you lose weight and gain muscle overnight. However, the basic fact remains there is no simple, quick way to achieve these goals if you are not employing the appropriate steps. Eating the proper amount of calories is a component of muscle growth that is largely ignored by people seeking to drop a few pounds while also cultivating muscle mass. Also, systematically increasing the difficulty of your workout routine’s intensity is something that is not commonly done. If you prudently adhere to these methods you will have a significantly greater chance of being successful in fulfilling your weight loss goals.


Once you have found the proper balance between your diet and exercise routine your body will begin to lose weight and gain muscle. It is also very important that your body get the right kind of fuel for your workouts so that you are maximizing your body’s potential to lose weight and gain muscle. The most critical thing to eat to gain muscle is calories. Forgetting to do this step will make it nearly impossible for a person to put on a significant amount of muscle. It is also helpful when you work out to lift the heaviest weights you possibly can while still maintaining proper form and muscle control.


The easiest way to determine how many calories you should be eating is by consuming 20 calories per pound of body fat you have. If you are unsuccessful in doing this it is practically impossible for you to gain muscle. Perfecting the right mixture of protein, fat intake and carbohydrates in your diet is also critical in developing a successful weight loss plan. Also, when you work out at the gym it is essential your workouts be as intense and rigorous on your muscles as possible. This will accelerate your metabolism so you can lose fat while productively building muscle.

It is necessary to cultivate a workout routine that does not stagnate as it goes on. Your routine must continue to get more difficult as you progress through your program. Another way to counteract the fat you will naturally put on from your increased calorie intake is to integrate cardiovascular exercises into your workout. It is easy to become discouraged by the process of losing weight while trying to gain mass, however, obeying these principles will give you a simple plan to help overcome this. Another worthwhile program to look at for weight loss is called Fat Burning Furnace review.

Designing for search engine optimization

When it comes to designing a new web site, most beginning and unaware designers only care about how amazing the site will be.

Often times as designers, we can take off with a crazy idea for a site design and it ends up jam packed with design on top of design on top of design. Unfortunately, some of us don’t always consider one of the most important purposes of the site: to be found so that it can deliver content…

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Addiction Counseling – Component To Dependency Therapy

Recovering from an addiction to prescription drugs is on of the biggest challenges a person can face. Prescribe for pain relief, opiates are highly addictive medications. Detoxing is just the beginning of the fight for anyone addicted to these substances. Once detoxification is complete, drug counseling plays a vital role in treating addiction.

Counseling Approaches

There are many approaches to counseling that can be included in an individual therapy program. Once an individual has completed detox and the poison of the drug is gone from the body, they are ready to begin their treatment plan. Each persons plan is individualized to meet their specific needs. Often, there are several concerns that must be dealt with through treatment that are the result of their addiction.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT, is an approach used in treatment along with other types of therapies like family counseling. Psychotherapy is also used in some situations to deal with mental health conditions that can contribute to a drug addiction. Unless psychological and social concerns are dealt with they can strongly motivate an individual to use drugs again.


Unfortunately, even when the body is rid of the opioid and the is no longer physically dependent, there is a very high risk of relapsing. Temptations like spending time with those who are still addicted, going to a particular area in town, and life stress, can lead a person to start using again. Therapy will help the person learn new skills for coping with the stressors of life.

Treatment Plan

There are a number of therapies that are used with individuals addicted to prescription drugs. No particular method is identified as the best approach, nor is any one method right for all individuals with an addiction to Opioids. Each individual treatment plan is customized to the particular addiction and the needs of the individual.

Group Therapy

Group sessions are usually the preferred form of therapy for addiction. In these sessions people can find their peers are very supportive as well as challenging. Well known twelve step groups are another form of group therapy that has good results and costs nothing to join. Individuals will often feel more comfortable talking with people who are on the same journey.

Dual Diagnosis

Private and individual intensive outpatient program is more appropriate for people who have been dual diagnosed. A person may be dealing with a mental health disorder like depression or bipolar as well as addiction problem. It is important that therapy deals separately with the addiction to drugs and the mental health disorder.

#EpicDinnerSJ at SMX West 2012

Alan Bleiweiss gave me permission to put together an Epic Dinner at SMX West 2012 because he won’t make the show this season. We’ll miss him! We’ll try to make it EPIC w/out him!

Here are the details that I have so far:

We’re continuing the tradition started by Alan last year, holding the dinner at Morton’s The Steakhouse. 1.5 blocks away from the Convention Center…

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Social Media 101 for Professional Associations

href=""> class="alignright size-medium wp-image-6290" title="Business People Feet Professional Associations Organizations Social Media" src="" alt="" width="300" height="198" />I frequently get invited to href="" target="_blank">speak on social media for href="" target="_blank">professional associations, and when I do it often seems as if the clocks in the room have been turned back 10 years since before the advent of social media.  Although there are always some savvy users of social media in the room when I present, the associations themselves are usually using the same antiquated medium to promote themselves, both internally and externally: a pre-historic website and email newsletter blasts.

I always say that social media is about the convergence of information and communication. Isn’t this the mission of every professional association: To inform their members and communicate regularly to increase the networking (and business) opportunities for their members? Then why don’t more professional associations embrace and strategically leverage all that social media has to offer, and in doing so also help  href="" target="_blank">increase association membership while retaining existing members?

The answer to this is that, based on my own experience, most associations are 1) either managed by executives who themselves aren’t frequent users of social media and/or haven’t implemented social in their own business or 2) outsource their marketing and other management affairs to companies or firms that who do not understand social media themselves.

For a 101 primer on some easy ways that professional associations can maximize their social presence, here’s a list of 6 checklist items for your association to confirm your current state vis a vis social media:

1. Create and Encourage Engagement in a Robust LinkedIn Group

With a closed href="" target="_blank">LinkedIn Group that is moderated and only open to association members, you can achieve what you do at your in-person events 24/7 online and without local boundaries. Many associations have LinkedIn Groups but haven’t really encouraged engagement inside them. It is the perfect place to share information, generate discussions, and even share job openings that your company might have. If there is any social media website made for associations, it is undoubtedly LinkedIn. Take advantage of it and leverage it as an important supplement for everything that your association does at your in-person events.

2. Sharing Your Information with the World through Blogging

Sharing information encourages current members to keep informed as well as helps introduce your association to potential new members through the power of your content. Instead of taking a walled garden approach to protecting your content to only be accessible to members, strategically summarize your internal information for the outside world to showcase your leadership within your industry and encourage others to join. Blogging has the additional benefit of aiding your professional association’s website to ensure greater href="" target="_blank">search engine optimization (SEO) benefits as well.

3. Social Media Promotion of Your Association Events

Obviously, social as a promotional channel is well known by most associations. But how many associations actually go through the hassle of not only creating a href="" target="_blank">LinkedIn Event or even a Facebook Event for each meeting they have – but also encouraging members to RSVP through these social media channels to help spread the word about the event? The viral nature of social media will only work for the benefit of your promotion if you get your members to spend a few seconds to actually RSVP in social media to help spread the word to their networks. For that reason, point #5 below regarding social media education is equally important.

4. Social Media Promotion During Your Association Events

Anyone who has gone to any professional event is probably familiar with the notion that there are always one or two people in the audience who are updating their Twitter followers through tweeting out quotes and other information shared at the event. Why aren’t more professional associations proactively doing this? By sharing quotes, information, photos and even video from your events, it will go a long way to help promote your association – and inform those members who couldn’t make it to the event. Even if you don’t use Twitter, you can do this from your social presence on other platforms.

5. Teach Your Association Members Social Media

I speak to associations for this very reason: Social is a tool that is beginning to permeate every discipline within an organization and transcend every industry that exists. Most association members are asking their leadership for more information about social media because they need it for their own workplace. More importantly, teaching your members about social media will not only ensure that your association members will become better equipped to handle social media-related issues at their own company, but it will also make them more willing participants in everything your association does with regards to social media. It is the “secret sauce” that will ensure positive ROI in your social efforts – and a more satisfied and engaged community of association members.

6. Rebrand Your Presence from an Analog, Static one to a Digital, Social One

Just as adopting social will undoubtedly change the culture of companies as they slowly evolve into a “ href="" target="_blank">social brand,” the same will happen to your professional association. The information sharing and communication that occurs will become much more dynamic and social, and it will be seen in very short time that your own branding on your digital properties needs to be revised to better reflect this.  Becoming a digital and truly social professional association will require you to look and potentially revise many visual elements that are associated with your association – including your website – as well as beckon you to include more social elements into your digital presence in a creative way to help further foster dialogue and community.

For many professional associations who have fallen behind the times, all of the things you can, and should, do vis a vis social can seem overwhelming. A great place to start is to href="" target="_blank">contact me and let me help get you started on the right path.

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Go VIRAL! The key to great exposure

A friend of mine (xomiele, as he’s known on his personal blog), who represents photographers and illustrators, was amazed at the number of hits a piece he created for fun was getting on the internet. He took a few Smurf figures and some household props and made a tribute to “The Last Supper.” To his delight, it was selected by Bit Rebels as “One Of The Best Parody Illustrations of The Last Supper…

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Link Building Tips for your effective link building. | underground …

Focusing on link building is the only way to accomplish this. If you can create high quality links to your site it will be easier to rank higher. The following information will look into three tips for link building that you can implement
link building tips – Google Blog Search

Kicking Addiction Through Inpatient Rehabilitation

Substance abuse is a huge problem in today’s society. Addiction is a horrible disease that is indiscriminate in those it affects. Once an addiction is so extreme there are few options for full recovery. This is why there are substance abuse rehabilitation centers that offer inpatient rehabilitation for those who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or both.


There are many kinds of addictions, the most common surround drugs and alcohol. An addiction takes over a person’s life. Not only does an addiction affect their body physically, it effects relationships with family and friends and has a major impact on the mental health and status of an addict.


Due to the impact of substance abuse on the body one of the first steps to recovery is the drug detoxification process. This process allows the addict to gradually come off of their substance of choice and allows their body to cleanse itself. It is a very dangerous process which is why medical supervision is a necessity. This ensures the safety of the addict.


After detox the real recovery begins. Rehabilitation programs help a recovering addict restore all aspects of their life. Rehabilitation is a derivative of the French verb to live. Basically, rehab, teaches addicts how to live again. It teaches them the basics of life without their addiction. This is an important process.


An aspect of rehab is counseling. Counseling helps the recovering individual cope with the loss of their addiction and will gives them the tools and resources they need to stay sober. There are always underlying factors that lead to an addition, counseling allows an individual to explore those reasons. Co-occurring disorders are very common with substance abuse, depression and PTSD are very common, and it’s important that these are treating simultaneously.


There are many different approaches to therapy. Therapy is a more intense version of counseling and works towards a goal. Just as there are different forms of counseling there are also different forms of therapy. There are holistic approaches as well as cognitive behavioural therapy. It is up to an individual team to decide which therapy is the best for them.


Once inpatient rehabilitation is complete there is follow up care that must be adhered to in order for recovery to stick. Aftercare is a support system built in for those recently released from rehabilitation. It is a safety net that will aid former addicts in their transition from rehab to their normal daily life. Aftercare includes therapy and counseling, as well as 12 step programs to help an addict stay on track. It is also a valuable asset if a recovered addict feels the need to use again.

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