Many people fall victim to the addicting properties of alcohol and drugs. When they reach the point that they want to get help, it is important that they enter a quality program. The first step in the fight against alcohol and drug addiction is detox. This is a process that allows individuals to rid their systems of alcohol and drug poison. After these harmful toxins are out of the body, the individual has a much better chance of reaching recovery through drug rehab.


The duration of an individual’s detoxification will depend on how long and how severe their addiction to alcohol and drugs has been. In addition, an individuals personality and body processes will dictate how long it will take to cleanse the body of toxins. Typically, detoxification can take from a number of days to a couple of weeks.


During the withdrawal period individual will experience a number of symptoms. The symptoms that are most common are insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Individuals often experience irritability, sudden changes in their mood, and a severe craving for alcohol and drugs. There is the possibility of seizures during the process of detoxification that can last a number of days and range from mild to very serious.


Most inpatient centers include medical detoxing in their treatment programs. It is very important that any program have continuity from the beginning of the detoxing process to the completion of the treatment program. Having a well-trained professional team working with the individual from beginning to end will provide a good level of security.


The support of dedicated counselors, nurses, and doctors who help people through this physical and emotional process is very important. These skilled professionals can help make this difficult process less traumatic and more successful. The success of the detoxification process can lead to long-term success with an individuals treatment program.

24-Hour Care

Because withdrawal symptoms can be severe, it is advisable that individuals seek help from a program that has around the clock monitoring. Monitoring is done by a team of medical professionals who have extensive experience and training in detoxification. When the patient has completed the detox portion of the treatment program, they will be able to move on to their individualized plan of treatment.

Individual Treatment

An individual marijuana counseling plan should be developed for each person before they enter detox. With a specifically designed treatment plan individuals will have a better chance at success. When the individual has completed the detox phase of treatment, they can move on to rehab. Rehab allows the individual to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually.