When traveling outside of the United States, you will need to know how to utilize expedited passport services. When travel dates sneak up on you, you will need to expedite your application so that you will be allowed to travel. There are many excuses that the passport office accepts for speeding up processing dates. Make sure that you have every proof of citizenship and identification documents that you will be needed to help speed up the process.


It can take weeks or sometimes months to receive a passport if you opt for the regular routine service. The time it takes to process new applications is at least four weeks. The average time it takes to process is four to six weeks. If you plan on traveling soon and cannot wait for that time to pass, then you will need to apply for documents using an expedited service that can be made available.

Overnight Delivery

The expedited service processing times are a lot speedier than the routine service processing times. Processing an expedited application takes only two or three weeks rather than four to six weeks. The agency recommends that you purchase overnight delivery when mailing your application to make sure that the processing times stay expedited. You can get expedited service for a US passport card as well.

Travel Plans

If waiting two or three weeks is not acceptable for you, then you probably need the passport sooner. To get the documents that you need in only fourteen days, you can go directly to the agency to apply instead of waiting for the mail. You will need to call to schedule the appointment before you go in so that you will be helped immediately. Utilize the internet to find locations near you to make things easier for you.

Wait Time

There are times when even waiting fourteen days to travel is not acceptable, but thankfully there are other options available to you still. If you or a loved one are experiencing an emergency that is considered life or death and you need to leave right away, you may be able to get the help you need. Let the office that you need to travel within a few days.

Application Process

Concerning life or death emergencies, applicants must visit their passport agency’s office and complete an emergency application. This extremely expedited passport will allow the individual to travel within twenty four to forty eight hours of the application, which will begin to be processed immediately. Due to changes in national security, you may be required to provide documentation proving that there is an emergency occurring overseas that requires your presence.


When you utilize the speedy processing times, you will need to pay a little bit extra. In addition to the fees for a standard application, a person will need to pay to speed up the process. It costs an extra sixty dollars for every application that is sent in to the office so that the application will be moved along faster. It is recommended to buy overnight delivery for mailing the application to the office and back.