Thinking how long does it take to get your U S passport may take you off track. If you want to travel outside your country, you will need this valid document,no matter how long it takes to obtain it. The best way to deal with this question is to put in an application as soon as you can. This will require some identification and also verification of nationality.

Proper ID

Keep in mind that identification is needed for this procedure. This can take the form of a current driving license. If you have official government documentation that can prove identity, this can also be used. Verifying nationality will also form part of this process.

Application Forms

Taking care to fill out the application form is a small and overlooked way of speeding up the process. It is more likely that a form that has been well filled out will be processed and takes less time to deal with than something that is difficult to read. Photographs will also be needed, and should have been taken no longer than six months ago. If you’re replacing a stolen passport, you will need a different form.


Postal applications take the longest time. They can be processed in four to six weeks. For anyone who does not need a passport immediately, this is often an application method of choice.


There are other options if you do not have time to wait. An expediting service exists and can be used to get this document quicker. Going down this route means that there will be extra costs that will be added on. An issue can then happen in around two weeks.


Additionally, there will be shipping costs to be paid for a quicker issue. These are added on to compensate for the services that are used to get passports in a hurry. These charges do increase the total cost of issue quite significantly.

Peak Application Times

Trying to figure out processing times will not yield a definite time frame. There are other variables in this equation. One of these is the time of year at which applications go in. At holiday periods and peak travel times, there will be more applications than normal. It is estimated that at these times, postal application can take up to eight weeks and expediting services can run on for a few more hours or days.

Getting this travel document in one day is also possible. This can be done by finding the location of a local issuer and bringing everything you need to their office. Again, there will be an extra charge incurred so it does depend on disposable income. By now, you should have stopped wondering how long does it take to get your U.S. passport. All you have to do is get into the application procedure and choose a processing time that fits with your wallet. You will then have your passport in your own time. You can also replace a stolen United States passport this way.